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B-B and Airsoft Guns

Toms River NJ BB, Pellet and Airsoft Gun Defense Lawyer

Weapon charges involving BB, pellet, paintball, airsoft or similar guns have increased dramatically over recent years. The rise in these offenses can definitely be attributed to a spike in popularity of these weapons despite the stringent gun laws in New Jersey. Indeed, these “toys” and recreational devices are considered firearms that are unlawful under many scenarios. Retaining a skilled lawyer is your best weapon in combating the risks associated with a charge of this nature.

At Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our attorneys have over a century of experience defending individuals charged with BB gun and similar recreational weapon offenses. If you were arrested and charged with possessing, firing or shooting a BB, Pellet or Airsoft gun, our lawyers have what it takes to competently represent you. Our team individuals former prosecutors who have served at the county level and in municipalities like Toms River, Berkeley, Lacey, Jackson and Brick, to name a few.  Contact us today to receive a free consultation with a knowledgeable weapons charges defense attorney. A lawyer is available immediately by calling our Toms River Office at (732) 286-6500.

Illegal Possession or Use of a Spring Action & Air Fired Handgun or Rifle

In New Jersey, a BB gun, pellet gun or airgun is defined as a “firearm” that falls under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-5. The result is that it is illegal to possess a handgun, rifle or shotgun of this nature except in accordance with the licensing, use and transport laws for firearms. B-B and pellet pistols are subject to all of the above mentioned laws affecting air guns plus statewide carry restrictions. These regulations are especially strict as it relates to permits to carry handguns and pistols under N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4. Those who deviate from these regulations are exposed to a felony criminal offense in most instances. For example, carrying an air or spring handgun without a valid permit is a third degree crime exposing the accused to up to 5 years in prison and a fine of as much as $15,000.

Most people fail to appreciate the severity of an air fired or spring loaded firearm offense (i.e. possession of a pellet gun). It may seem hard to comprehend but the New Jersey gun laws are drafted in such a way as to expose you to serious consequences if you possess a BB, Airsoft or Pellet firearm contrary to these rules. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney is crucial to avoiding jail and other penalties for a violation of these laws.

Jackson NJ Pellet Gun Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with possession of a pellet gun or other air/spring fired weapon, it is certainly in your best interests to contact the lawyers at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We have over 100 years of combined experience representing clients throughout Ocean County, including Barnegat, Manchester, Stafford, Little Egg Harbor and Point Pleasant. Do not hesitate to contact our Toms River Office at (732) 286-6500 to schedule a free conference with a weapons defense lawyer who can advise you of your options and successfully defend your charge. Attorneys are available now to assist you.

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