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Beachwood Municipal Court

Beachwood Criminal Lawyers The Former Prosecutor of Beachwood, Matthew Dorry, on Staff

The Borough of Beachwood is a small Jersey Shore town in Ocean County of about 2.8 square miles and a population of a little over 10,000. While the municipality has been nicknamed the “Pearl on the River” or “Pearl in the bed of Toms River” because of its attractive characteristics, it certainly is not exempt from criminal and other violations of the law. There were 162 indictable felony crimes, 334 misdemeanor disorderly persons offenses and 42 DUI/DWI charges filed in just a 10 month period ending April 2015. The largest number of offenses that land in Beachwood Municipal Court are those involving disorderly persons offenses like marijuana possession, simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment.

If you were arrested for this type of charge or a serious traffic violation, including DWI, a lawyer at our office have the skills you are looking for. As the former prosecutor of the municipal court, Matthew Dorry, Esq., knows what it takes to succeed in defending a charge. He and the other 7 criminal lawyers at our Ocean County Criminal Defense Firm have been fighting offenses like yours for decades both in Beachwood Municipal Court, as well as the Ocean County Superior Court. For a review of your case, including a ticket for reckless driving, driving without insurance, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident and driving while suspended, call our office at (732) 286-6500 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Beachwood Borough Municipal Court

The Beachwood Municipal Court is located at 1600 Pinewald Road, Beachwood NJ 08722. This court has jurisdiction to handle violations of the motor vehicle code, including DWI, as well as non-indictable criminal charges. All issues of fact and law involved in deciding these matters are the responsibility of the Beachwood Municipal Court judge, Honorable Damian G. Murray. His court administrator, Linda Felton, is oversees daily operation of the court. He and her staff may be reached on weekdays from 9AM to 4PM at (732) 286-6000, extension 121. Steven Zabarsky, Esq., is the Municipal Prosecutor. You may refer to the official website for Beachwood or the Beachwood Police Department website for additional information.

The initial appearance date that is on your Beachwood summons or complaint is for arraignment on the charge. This is the proceeding where you are advised of your rights and must enter your initial plea of guilty or not guilty. It is in your best interests to contact an attorney before you enter a plea as, our office for example, secures downgrades or dismissals of an offense far more often than not. It would therefore be foolish to enter a plea of guilty in Beachwood Municipal Court and subjecting yourself to the mandatory penalties associated with an offense before speaking to an attorney at the firm.

Beachwood NJ DWI Lawyer

The municipal court in Beachwood is extremely busy despite the town being relatively limited in size and population. A significant factor in the disproportionate number of criminal and traffic charges is the presence of the Garden State Parkway, including the stretch along Jakes Branch County Park. The New Jersey State Police issue a high number of driving while intoxicated ("DWI") and motor vehicle tickets that also fall under the jurisdiction of the Beachwood Municipal Court. Irrespective of who issued the criminal complaint or traffic ticket you are facing, it is in your best interests to contact our lawyers. The defense team includes Matthew Dorry, a lawyer who was the former prosecutor of Beachwood and he obviously knows what it takes to succeed in defending a municipal charge in the municipal court. Matt or another attorney on our staff is available immediately by calling (732) 286-6500. Attorneys are ready to take the time needed to help you 24/7.

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