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Brick Town Girls Arrested for Distributing Heroin & Other Opiates

The Drug Enforcement Unit of the Brick Police Department has been extremely active lately in terms of heroin arrests. Most recently, a twenty-five (25) year old women was arrested and charged with heroin distribution after police discovered 549 bags of heroin in her automobile. Crack as well as prescription drugs were also discovered during the course of the search. The seizure resulted in a host of charges, including two counts of possession with intent to distribute CDS.

Heroin Fold When individuals read articles like this they might jump to assumptions one way or another in terms of the severity of the charges. So lets take a closer look at what we are really talking about. When police identify “bags” of heroin, this typically means folds of the drug. These are generally small folds that contain a “spoon” of heroin. The standard weight for a spoon or fold is .05 grams of heroin. What this means is that this young lady may have dodged a significant bullet as 549 bags probably translates in no more than 27.45 grams of heroin. The maximum weight for a third degree distribution charge is one-half ounce or 28.34 grams. So what this individual is probably facing is possession with intent to distribute heroin in the third degree.

Had their been another 20 folds, that is, one more gram (e.g. .05 grams multiplied by 20 folds), then the offense would have escalated to a second degree intent to distribute heroin. The result would have been a presumption of incarceration in state prison if convicted. The range of imprisonment would be between five (5) and ten (10) years. When the offense is manufacturing, selling or distributing heroin in the third degree, an individual enjoys a presumption of non-incarceration/probation if they have no prior record and the term of imprisonment is much less in any case at zero t0 five (5) years.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any form of possession of heroin and is interested in discussing their case, free of charge, call our firm anytime 24/7.

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