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Final Restraining Order

Toms River NJ Final Restraining Order Lawyers

The process for obtaining a final restraining order is not overly complicated in Ocean County. The gist is that if someone can convince a police officer and judge that a simple assault, harassment or some other form of domestic violence occurred and that there is legitimate fear of it reoccurring, a temporary restraining order will be issued. Within a week or two thereafter, a hearing is conducted at the Family Division of the Superior Court in Toms River. This proceeding is referred to as a final restraining order hearing. This is where the accused has his/her right to challenge the allegations that formed the basis for the temporary restraints and to fight the order becoming final (a.k.a. permanent). This is the only opportunity that you have to fight the permanency of the restraining order. If you lose the final restraining order hearing, you will have no right to speak or be in the company of the accuser. It also means that all the accuser has to do is pick up a telephone and tell the police that you tried to contact them, drover by their house or worse, and you will get arrested for a restraining order violation.

Our Former Prosecutors & Highly Experienced Restraining Order Defense Lawyers Are Ready to Help You

The stakes are too high at a restraining order hearing for you to proceed without a skilled lawyer at your side. Failure to successful defend the domestic violence complaint will result in a final/permanent restraining order that will prevent you from having any contact with the plaintiff, including returning to any residence with your shared with him/her. You will also be subject to arrest at the whim of the accused. The key to preventing these potentially dire consequences is to hire an experienced Toms River Restraining Order Defense Attorney. At Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our lawyers provide skilled representation in the defense of final restraining order hearings. We have not only been successfully defending final restraining order hearings for decades in Toms River but also worked these cases from the other side, seeing exactly how the system works as prosecutors. Our attorneys know what it takes to insure that someone has the greatest chance of winning the hearing so that the restraints do not become final. Contact our office in Toms River at (732) 286-6500 for an immediate free consultation with a lawyer.

Ocean County Final Restraining Order Defense Attorney

Do not make the mistake of so many accused of domestic violence by attempting to play attorney. The stories are endless of defendants who have proceeded in this fashion only to be looking down the barrel of a mandatory jail jail sentence for a second violation. A permanent restraining order is a powerful weapon for someone interested in being malicious or controlling your behavior. All it will take for them to get you arrested and charged with a criminal offense for violating a restraining order is to pick up the telephone and accuse you of attempting to make contact (e.g. you yelled at her/him when picking up your child, etc.). Hiring a qualified lawyer at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can arm you with the tools to insure that you have every opportunity to avoid a final restraining order. Our lawyers know how to effectively dismantle allegations of domestic violence so that you can move on with your life without life changing restraints. Attorneys are available to assist you immediately.

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