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Identity Theft

Berkeley NJ Identity Theft Defense Lawyer

The growth of identity theft is something that has definitely caught the attention of law enforcement in Ocean County and they are aggressive in prosecuting those who commit this offense. Whether the result of fraud over the internet, to secure a government document such as a driver's license, or someone other scenario, you can expect the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office to pursue conviction if you were arrested and charged for impersonating the identity of another person. We know this fact as well as most given the fact that our attorneys have been defending criminal charges arising in Toms River, Jackson, Brick, Berkeley, Lakewood and other local municipalities for over 100 years between us. Hiring a lawyer with extensive knowledge in identity theft and impersonation like those at Marshall & Bonus is pivotal to your future in our opinion since you can be sentenced to years in state prison if you are convicted of this offense. Call (732) 286-6500 if you would like a free consultation with an attorney on our staff. Lawyers can be reached 24/7 for the legal counsel you need.

Identity Theft Offense in Ocean County

The offense of Identity Theft, also referred to as Impersonation, is contained at N.J.S.A. 2C:21-17. An individual commits this offense if they engage in one of five (5) practices in order to obtain a benefit or injure/defraud another person:

  1. Impersonating the Identity of Another Person;
  2. Poses As a Representative of a Person or Organization;
  3. Assuming the Identity or Impersonating Another Person to Obtain Services;
  4. Using the Personal Information of Another Person; or
  5. Impersonating, Assuming a False Identity or Making a False or Misleading Statement For Purpose of Avoiding Payment.

The grading and penalties under 2C:21-17 for identity theft (a.k.a. wrongful impersonation) are set forth in the chart that follows.

Nature of the Identity Theft


Max Fine


Obtaining a Benefit or Depriving Another of a Benefit That Has A Value Of Less Than $500.

Fourth Degree Crime


Up to 18 Months in Prison

Obtaining a Benefit or Depriving Another of a Benefit Having A Value of At Least $500 But Less Than $75,000, or Committing Identity Theft Resulting in At Least Two Victims But Less Than Five Victims.

Third Degree Crime


Up to 5 Years in Prison

Obtaining a Benefit or Depriving Another of a Benefit Having a Value of $75,000 or More, or Committing Identity Theft Resulting in Five or More Victims.

Second Degree Crime


5-10 Years in Prison

Exception For Misrepresentations Regarding Age. If the misrepresentation is limited to personal information for the purpose of obtaining alcohol or tobacco by someone under legal age to do so, a violation of this section does not apply.

Misrepresentation to Obtain a Driver's License or Other Government Document. A common scenario for identity theft is someone attempting to obtain the driver's license of another person or using a fictitious identity because the actor has a suspended/revoked license or is unable to fulfill the Six Point ID Verification required to legally obtain a license. DMV offenses in Toms River, Manchester, Lakewood and Manahawkin have tight controls in place to combat efforts to fraudulently obtain driver's licenses and our defense team has considerable experience defending those are arrested in this context.

Lakewood NJ Identity Theft Attorney

If you have been charged or arrested for identity theft in Manahawkin, Stafford, Manchester, Ocean Township, Lacey, Barnegat or elsewhere, a skilled lawyer is an imperative in our opinion. Here at Marshall & Bonus, our attorneys have been representing clients facing an identity theft offense in Ocean County for many years. Several lawyers on staff also have the benefit of serving as prosecutors and learning how the system works from the opposite perspective. To speak to an attorney with the know how necessary to fully protect you against a conviction and the penalties that apply under 2C:21-17, contact our Toms River Office at (732) 286-6500.

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