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Jail Time for Cocaine Possession and Intent to Distribute

I have noticed individuals searching this site for information on the subject of jail time resulting from cocaine charges. Like any drug offense in New Jersey, the amount of jail exposure is predicated on the nature of the possession and degree of offense charged.

Possession of cocaine is a third degree crime that carries up to five (5) years in jail upon conviction. Intent to distribute cocaine is also a third degree crime and carries the same prison term where it involves less than one half ounce of the drug. The potential time in prison increases to ten (10) years for distribution of cocaine in the Second Degree. Selling cocaine is a second degree crime where the weight of the drugs is at least a half ounce but less than five (5) ounces. A twenty (20) year sentence can be imposed where intent to distribute is of the First Degree. A first degree case is triggered where five (5) or more ounces of cocaine is allegedly sold.

Cocaine offenses are always serious since they are virtually always indictable felonies under NJ law. The minimum jail exposure is five (5) years and obviously nothing to take lightly.

Obviously, this means that if you or someone close to you has been charged with cocaine possession or intent to distribute cocaine, they could be facing serious jail time. Contact an experienced defense attorney, such as one of our former prosecutors, at (732) 286-6500 to find out if jail can be avoided for your charges.

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