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Manchester NJ DWI Lawyers

Former Prosecutors in Approximately 20 Ocean County Municipalities

Over the many years our attorneys have been defending offenses in Ocean County, we have learned just how busy Manchester Township is in terms of DWI violations. Almost every year, its police department and municipal court rank near the top of the county in terms of driving while intoxicated charges. Major roadways like Route 37 and Route 70, as well as the size and population (i.e. 43,070 by 2010 Census) of Manchester, are definitely factors in the significant number of DWI cases but we believe that the aggressive approach of the police also clearly contributes. Call us, Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, for the high level of representation you deserve in Manchester Municipal Court . We have over 100 years of total experience, including decades as prosecutors, and we are ready to fight for you. Our objective isn’t to hold your hand through a plea but rather to achieve a dismissal of your DWI charge.

Charged With Your First DWI Offense in Manchester Township?

Seeing police lights in your rear view mirror when you probably shouldn’t be driving can be alarming, even more so when its the first time you have been subjected to DWI questioning, field sobriety tests or a more in depth encounter. These feelings are common whether you are accustomed to authority like someone enlisted at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, a retiree at Leisure Village West, or just someone who happens to be driving through the approximately 82.694 miles of Manchester at the wrong time. The anxiety often takes a different form when the person learns what he or she is facing if convicted of a first offense in Manchester. There is a mandatory license suspension of 3 months to 12 months, depending on the blood alcohol content involved, and thousands of dollars in financial consequences (e.g. $1,000 a year in surcharges for 3 years, escalating insurance rates, fines, court assessments, etc.). And if there is a conviction, there are no conditional licenses in New Jersey. The flip side of these circumstances is that our defense team is successful in more cases than not in obtaining a suppression of the blood alcohol concentration (“BAC”) results so that a client can obtain a significantly better outcome in their case than what would be involved with the original charge. Although a factor in these results is probably our considerable experience and familiarity with the courts in Ocean County (e.g. former prosecutors, over 100 years of collective experience, Alcotest Certified, Field Sobriety Certified, etc.), we genuinely believe that the prevailing reason is our commitment to relentlessly seek the absolute best result for our client.

Is This Your Second Offense, Third Offense or Worse?

Manchester Township is so diligent in attempting to police drunken driving that it has successfully applied for and received a state grant for DWI crackdown. This shows just how serious the police department is about DWI enforcement, especially when it comes to repeat offenders, that is, those you are facing a second offense or more. If you were arrested in Manchester and have been charged with something other than your first offense, you should know that you face the following if convicted:

  • Second Offense. There is a mandatory 2 year license suspension, $1,000 surcharge for 3 years, court fines and assessments, ignition interlock installation, skyrocketing insurance rates, and jail of 2-90 days. For more information regarding a second offense, click here.
  • Third Offense or Subsequent. The license loss is 10 years, the surcharge is $1,500 for 3 years, court fines and assessments, increased insurance rates and 180 days in jail. For a more in depth discussion of third offenses, click here.

When the stakes are as high as this, you need to be represented by the best lawyer you can find.

Manchester Township New Jersey DWI Attorneys

We honestly believe our attorneys can provide a formidable option for defending your DWI in Manchester. Our lawyers are some of the most highly trained in the state and it also helps that we are mainstays in the drunk driving bar of Ocean County. The members of our DUI team have handled hundreds of cases in Manchester and are prepared to put all of their knowledge and experience into action on your case. To speak to one of our Manchester Township New Jersey DWI Attorneys, call us any time 24/7 at (732) 286-6500.

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