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Ocean County Simple Assault Conviction Can Impact Immigration Status

The inauguration of President Trump has brought significant turmoil for those who have yet to become citizens of the United States. Ocean County is so enthralled in this issue that some have referred to it as a sanctuary county. As the largest criminal defense firm in the region, we also have significant involvement with deportation issues since a conviction for a criminal offense like simple assault can impact immigration status.

The general rule is that someone with status (e.g. Green Card, Permanent Resident, Visa Holder) may be deported if they commit an aggravated felony or offense that involves moral turpitude. Simple assault arguably would not fall within this realm with the exception of when it arises out of domestic violence. The same is not the case if you are convicted of aggravated assault as it clearly falls into one or both of the bases for deportation.

If an individual entered the United States illegally or their Visa has expired, they lack legal status. Individuals falling within this category are at greatest threat of deportation since they are totally illegal in terms of residency. Even a minor domestic call for simple assault that results in an arrest can cause significant deportation issues when it results in the accused being transported to the Ocean County Correctional Institute. ICE maintains an active role at the facility and flags those individuals who are illegal. Bail is often denied and further action can be expected in terms of removal. It is pivotal that individuals retain an attorney as early as possible when they are exposed in this fashion.

The attorneys at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall defend individuals charged with simple assault, aggravated assault and domestic violence so that they can avoid deportation. To discuss your offense immediately with a lawyer, contact our Toms River Office at 732-286-6500 for a free consultation. We can assist you with a charge anywhere in Ocean County including the following towns:


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