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Point Pleasant Beach NJ Cocaine Possession Lawyer

Cocaine is a controlled dangerous substance ("cds") that is involved in numerous arrests in Point Pleasant Beach every year. Possession of cocaine is the variety which arises most often although this popular beach destination also has its share of possession with intent to distribute cocaine charges. Irrespective of the pedigree of cocaine offense you were charged with in Point Pleasant Beach, you will need a skilled lawyer if you want to move ahead with your life without serious consequences. Here at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our attorneys  have a long history of success in representing clients at the Superior Court in Toms River for cocaine possession. We will dissect the facts of your case and advise you as to the best approach for helping you reach a favorable outcome of your offense.  Contact our office at 732-286-6500 for a free initial consultation.Cocaine Possession Charge in Point Pleasant BeachIt is against New Jersey law under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 to possess cds falling under Schedule I in any quantity. Cocaine is such a drug and can result in a charge if it is possessed either directly or constructively. Direct possession applies where someone has physical custody of the cocaine such as when it is in the jacket they are wearing, backpack, pants or pocket book. Constructive possession occurs where someone lacks custody but is aware that of where the cocaine is located and has the ability and intent to control it in the future. The classic example of this concept is where cocaine is hidden in a car or apartment.

If you are convicted for possessing cocaine you face a slew of penalties under 2C:35-10(a)(1). First, there is an enhanced fine for this third degree crime in the amount of up to $35,000. Third degree possession of cocaine carries up to 5 years in prison. As someone who possessed cds, you are also subject to a mandatory driver's license suspension of 6 months to two years. Point Pleasant Beach Possession of Cocaine LawyerWe understanding that it may be somewhat overwhelming to hear just how severe the ramifications of possession of cocaine are in Point Pleasant Beach. The good news is, however, that a lawyer at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall can typically avoid many of these penalties. This may come from challenging the warrantless search of your car, the legality of entry into your house or apartment or another issue surrounding the search and seizure. The point is that our attorneys will thoroughly attack your case and do what is necessary to insure you have every chance of achieving the best result. To immediately discuss what happened when you were arrested with an attorney, call 732-286-6500.
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