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Pre-Trial Intervention (P.T.I.)

PTI Lawyers in Ocean County New Jersey

The only diversion program available to someone facing an indictable crime in Ocean County is Pretrial Intervention, more commonly known as PTI. If you want to be admitted into this program, there are many reasons why you should hire an experienced Pretrial Intervention Program lawyer including the fact that the prosecutor has the ability to reject eligible candidates. Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is a eight attorney criminal defense firm located in Toms River that has been assisting clients obtain Pretrial Intervention at the Ocean County Superior Court for decades.  Our lawyers represent clients seeking PTI relief for a crime of the second degree, third degree or fourth degree throughout Ocean County, including Barnegat, Beach Haven, Brick, Long Beach, Little Egg Harbor, Stafford, Surf City, Ship Bottom, Toms River and Plumsted. You can contact our Toms River Office anytime of day at (732) 286-6500 to speak to an attorney immediately. Initial consultations with our attorneys are free.

Pretrial Intervention Program in New Jersey

Pre-Trial Intervention is a diversionary program designed to rehabilitate rather than punish eligible first time offenders. There are certain fundamental requirements and characteristics of the program which are discussed under the headings that follow.

Applies to Indictable Crimes Only. Pretrial intervention applies to indictable criminal offenses only. This program is not an avenue for avoiding prosecution of a disorderly persons offense or motor vehicle violation.

No Prior Diversion or Criminal Convictions. Eligibility for PTI is limited to individuals who have never received the benefit of diversionary treatment under conditional discharge, conditional dismissal or Pretrial Intervention. Since the program is designed for first time offenders, a prior conviction will generally negate this relief.

Conditions Upon Admission. The standard conditions of PTI are to remain arrest free, report to probation as directed and to demonstrate that you are drug free through random urine monitoring.

Term of Supervision. Pretrial intervention is typically for one year but can be extended to as many as three years. A longer period of supervision typically arises when the underlying charge is more serious or where full restitution is incapable of being made within one year.

Effect of Successful Completion. If you successfully complete PTI, you original offense is dismissed without any record of conviction.

Termination of PTI. You will be terminated from Pretrial Intervention if you fail to comply with the conditions of the program. The result is that you face the original criminal offense anew.

Presumption Against Admission. There are certain crimes that are presumed to be ineligible for PTI including offenses that involve: (1) public officials and employees which touch up their government employment; (2) domestic violence when a temporary or final restraining order was in place; and (3) charges involving mandatory periods of parole ineligibility.

Lakewood NJ Pretrial Intervention Attorneys

If you believe you may be a candidate for Pretrial Intervention, you are encouraged to contact a lawyer at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. The aggressive attorneys at our firm will do whatever is necessary to get you admitted into PTI. You should also know that we have a long track record of success in this regard. Call us at (732) 286-6500 if you would like discuss your Bay Head, Jackson, Lakehurst, Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant, Berkeley or Lakewood case with an attorney in our Toms River Office. Lawyers are ready 24/7 to assist you.

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