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Speeding Tickets

Stafford NJ Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A speeding ticket has the potential to mushroom into a much bigger issue than you might expect if you are convicted in Toms River, Lacey, Stafford, Berkeley, Jackson or another Ocean County municipal court. You will not only be fined and have points on your license but will also run the risk of a skyrocketing insurance costs. The good news is that our attorneys can almost always avoid the pitfalls of a speeding offense. Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has represented countless clients over the last two decades throughout Ocean County and an attorney who is adapt in defending speeding charges is available to assist you immediately (732) 286-6500. A lawyer with the legal expertise to reduce or drop your speeding charge completely is ready to provide a free initial consultation immediately.

Speeding Summons in Ocean County

If you have been charged with a speeding violation, you may face serious penalties that can result in up to 5 points on your license and various fines—the worse the offense, the more points will be added to your license. The more points you have on your license, the more likely your license will be suspended or revoked; 12 points on your license is grounds for suspension. According to N.J.S.A. 39:4-98, the penalties for speeding vary depending on your speed:

(1) If you exceeded the maximum speed 1-14 mph over the limit, you are subject to 2 points on your license.

(2) If you exceed the maximum speed 15-29 mph over the limit, you are subject to 4 points on your license.

(3) If you exceed the maximum speed 30 mph or more over the limit, you are subject to 5 points on your license.

In addition to receiving points on your license, your speed may also make you subject to a reckless driving or careless driving charge. These offenses carry more severe penalties including up to 60 days in jail and a fine of $200.00. For more information regarding reckless and careless driving, please refer to our Motor Vehicle Offenses and Tickets page.

Berkeley Township Speeding Offense Attorney

Here at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall our lawyers understand the complications that result from a speeding offense. A criminal defense attorney that is highly trained in laser, pace and radar cases will undertake every effort to secure a dismissal of your offense. It is also helpful that Matthew Dorry, a lawyer on our team, is the former prosecutor in approximately 15 Ocean County municipalities such as Manchester, Brick, Little Egg Harbor, Barnegat and Eagleswood. To speak to one of our attorneys in a free consultation, call (732) 286-6500.

Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, 250 Washington Street, Toms River, NJ 08753, defends clients who have received a speeding ticket or summons in Little Egg Harbor, Toms River, Berkeley, Lacey, Manchester, Stafford, Berkeley, Jackson, Brick, Barnegat, Eagleswood and other towns in Ocean County.

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