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Stafford Township Traffic Ticket Attorney

Call Matthew Dorry The Former Prosecutor Of Stafford For Assistance

Stafford is one of the busiest municipalities in Ocean County when it comes to a traffic ticket or summons. In fact, the most recent statistics published by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts indicate that almost 6,000 tickets for moving traffic violations were issued in Stafford Township over the last year. If you were issued a summons by the Stafford Police Department or a state trooper patrolling the Garden State Parkway in this municipality, call the lawyers at Marshall & Bonus for help. We have over 100 years of combined experience defending motor vehicle cases in Stafford and one of the attorneys even served as the prosecutor in the town. An attorney who certainly knows his way around the municipal court is available to assist you now by calling 732-286-6500.

Traffic Offense in Stafford Township New Jersey

There are clearly some traffic offenses that a lawyer at our firm is more apt to deal with than others in Stafford. Tickets for speeding and driving while suspended would definitely fall within this description although our Stafford NJ Criminal Lawyers have certainly dealt with just about any variety of summons you can imagine at one time or another. The chart that follows outlines the more frequently encountered violations in Stafford Municipal Court and the penalties that are triggered if you are convicted.








Varies on speed

Discretion of Judge

2 Points (1-14 mph over)

4 Points (15-29 Over)

5 Points (30 or More Over)

Reckless Driving


Up to $200

Up to 90 Days


Driving While Suspended


$500 (First)

$750 (Second)

$1,000 (Third)

Up to 6 Months

Up to 6 Months

Up to 6 Months

0 Points But

$250 Surcharge for 3 Years

Driving Without Insurance


Up to $1,000 (First Offense)

Up to $5,000 (Second Offense)

One Year

Two Years

0 Points But

$250 Surcharge for 3 Years

Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle


Not Less Than $50

2 Years


Leaving the Scene of an Accident



6 Months (No Injuries)

One Year (Injuries)

2 - No Injuries

8 - With Injuries

Failure to Report an Accident





Stafford Ticket Defense Attorneys If you would like to speak to Matthew Dorry or another attorney on our staff in a free initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our Toms River Office. We can be reached anytime of day or night at 732-286-6500. One of attorneys will be more than happy to give you the benefit of their time and experience without obligation.
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