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Terroristic Threats

Jackson NJ Terroristic Threat Defense Attorneys

The offense of terroristic threats is encountered by our lawyers in Ocean County much more frequently than you could imagine. Whether the allegation involves a threat to kill someone, commit an assault or some other form of violence, a conviction for a terroristic threat charge carries serious penalties. Selecting a qualified attorney to defend you is probably the biggest thing that you can do to hedge against these consequences. The lawyers at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are seasoned counsel that have been representing individuals charged with terroristic threats for decades in Toms River, Lakewood, Stafford, Berkeley Township, Ocean Township and other locales. If you would like to speak to a lawyer with extensive knowledge in this area of law, call (732) 286-6500. The initial consultation is free of charge.

Ocean County Terroristic Threats Offense Under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-3

Terroristic threat charges under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-3 are becoming more and more common at the Ocean County Superior Court in Toms River, especially in the domestic violence setting. This offense can result from a written or verbal threat, as well as one to cause physical harm or property damage. The more specific elements that must be established to prove this violation are:

  1. A threat made by the accused;
  2. To commit some form of violence; and
  3. For the purpose to terrorize the victim, cause evacuation of a facility or to otherwise cause serious public inconvenience or in reckless disregard of the risk thereof.

The county prosecutor is required to prove each of these elements beyond reasonable doubt in order to convict you of making a terroristic threat.

Third Degree Terroristic Threat. A person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if he or she threatens to kill another and has the purpose of putting another in imminent fear of death under circumstances reasonably causing the victim to believe that the threat will be carried out.

Second Degree Terroristic Threat. A person is guilty of a crime of the second degree if he or she makes a threat to commit a crime of violence during a declared period of national, State or county emergency. This person will be strictly liable upon proof that the crime occurred, in fact, during a declared period of national, State or county emergency. It is no defense that the person was not aware that there was a declared period of emergency at the time the crime occurred.

Penalties. A third degree terroristic threat charge results in a fine of up to $15,000 and maximum prison sentence of 5 years. Pretrial intervention is a viable option for someone facing this grade of 2C:12-3 provided they are a first time offender and have never been afforded a diversion previously. A second degree terrroristic threats offense is ineligible for this program and carries a fine of up to $150,000 and 5-10 years in state prison.

Berkeley NJ Terroristic Threat Lawyer

It is clearly in your interest to hire the best lawyer you can find if you are interested minimizing the risk associated with a terrroristic threat offense. A lawyer with years of experience handling this charge is available immediately by contacting Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. Our attorneys offer initial consultations free of charge and are ready to give you the time and consideration needed to conduct a comprehensive review of your case. We represent clients charged with terroristic threats throughout Ocean County including in Plumsted, Jackson, Lakehurst, Brick and Barnegat. An attorney is available now at (732) 286-6500 to assist you.

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