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Third Offense DWI

Toms River NJ Third Offense DWI Defense Lawyer

Life changing consequences are a real possibility for someone charged with a third DWI offense in in Brick, Stafford, Toms River or another municipality. The penalties for a third offense DWI includes a ten (10) year driver's license suspension and a county jail term that is mandatory. Even if you are the greatest person in the world, failure to avoid a plea or finding of guilt carries these minimums. There is no substitute for a knowledgeable attorney in a case involving stakes this serious. The attorneys that make up the defense team at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall comprise one of the most experienced DWI firms in the state. We are dual certified (e.g. Alcotest, Field Sobriety, etc.) lawyers with over 100 years of experience, including time serving as prosecutors in Ocean County municipalities like former prosecutors in the majority of municipalities in Ocean County, including Stafford Township, Toms River, Brick, Lacey, Jackson, Manchester, Berkeley, Point Pleasant Beach and Tuckerton. Contact our Toms River Office for a free consultation at (732) 286-6500.

Third Offense Penalties Under N.J.S.A. 39:4-50

Fine & Monetary Consequences

$1,000 Fine; $1,500 Surcharge Per Year for Three Years; $280 IDRC Fee; $100 Drunk Driving Assessment; $75 Safe Neighborhood Fund; $100 Alcohol Education and Rehab. Fee

License Suspension

10 Years without any possibility for a work or conditional license


180 days with up to 90 days capable of being served in an inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Ignition Interlock

Installation required for the term of suspension and 1-3 following restoration of privileges

Other Penalties

Up to 90 days community service and 48 hours in the Intoxicated Driver’s Resource Center.

How to Avoid Jail for a Third DWI Offense

For those attorneys who are genuinely interested in succeeding for a third offense client, the approach is generally the same. First, the attorney must review the records associated with the prior convictions and, where an issue exists to allow for a bona fide post-conviction motion, it absolutely must be filed. This is the primary reason why defending a third offense can be costly — a zealous attorney will have to make your case into three (3). This effort allows us to avoid jail in the majority of third offense cases we handle. The other focus in a third offense case is to attack the case itself. This involves exploring all discovery, procedural and substantive issues in your third offense case and challenging the prosecution whenever possible in proving his/her case. The combination of fighting the case in chief and filing appropriate post conviction relief motions allows us, as stated, to avoid incarceration in more third offense cases than not.

Manchester NJ Third Offense DWI Attorneys

Lets face it, no one wants to go to jail for 180 days nor lose their ability to operate a motor vehicle in New Jersey for ten (10) years. But, unfortunately, most people erroneously believe theses consequences are inevitable when they are arrested for a third or greater offense. This simply is not true although it often takes significant time and effort to avoid these penalties. There are no quick and easy strategies nor any opportunities for plea bargaining; you need to identify issues that allow you to avoid a conviction and/or treatment at the time of sentencing as a third offender. The attorneys at our firm, Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, are skilled in achieving favorable outcomes in third offense cases because we not only possesses exceptional experience but are committed to holding the course in order to insure that you have every chance of winning your case. Call us to speak to one of our former prosecutors and skilled lawyer immediately. An attorney is available around the clock at (732) 286-6500.

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