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Toms River Heroin Death Results in Arrests

While the charge of causing a drug induced death was rarely filed in the past, this certainly is not the case in Ocean County these days. County Prosecutor, Joseph Corronato, and the members of his office, are clearly attempting to attack the heroin problem from all angles, and this has resulted in a significant rise in those charged with causing a drug induced death. In fact, there have been as many as eight arrests over the past year under this law.

The most recent arrest was recently disclosed in a report contained in May 2, 2014 issue of the Asbury Park Press. The arrest stemmed from the heroin overdose death of a 23 year old Toms River women on February 6, 2013. Two local men had previously been arrested and charged under 2C:35-9 with the strict liability offense of causing the women’s drug death. The recent report concerned apprehension of a third suspect, who was found in North Carolina. The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office is pursuing extradition of the suspect, who is being held in North Carolina.

What should be abundantly clear from this article is that law enforcement in Ocean County is extremely serious about eradicating the heroin problem, in particular, the head of law enforcement in the county, Joseph Corrodato. Whether you have been charged with possession, distribution or causing a drug induced death, you can expect a forceful prosecution if the case involves heroin. This is why it is important for you to consult with an experienced defense lawyer if you have been charged or are under investigation for a heroin offense. We can help you in this regard.

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