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Toms River NJ Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

The Former Prosecutor Of Toms River Is Ready To Defend Your Disorderly Conduct Charge

There are some criminal charges that are more common than others in Toms River and disorderly conduct would definitely fall into this category. The offense is viewed as a catchall law designed to combat conduct that disturbs the public peace. If you were charged with disorderly conduct in Toms River, make no mistake about it, you are facing a criminal offense when you walk into the Municipal Court of Toms River. A conviction will leave you with a record, stiff financial penalties and even the potential for you to be sentence to a jail term. Selecting a knowledgeable attorney to represent you can be instrumental in avoiding a negative result. Indeed, our lawyers, which includes Matthew Dorry, the former prosecutor of Toms River, are able to avert a conviction to this charge in a high percentage of case. Sometimes this involves securing an outright dismissal and in other instances the attorneys at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall obtaining a downgrade to a non-criminal ordinance violation. A lawyer is available to speak to you immediately about your disorderly conduct case by contacting our Toms River Office at 732-286-6500. Your initial consultation with Matt or another lawyer is free of charge. Disorderly Conduct Offense in Toms River New Jersey

Two types of conduct are prohibited by the New Jersey Disorderly Conduct Law. The first category involves improper behavior which includes "fighting or threatening, or in violent or tumultuous behavior" and also "hazardous or physically dangerous condition...which serves no legitimate purpose".  The second kind of behavior that constitutes disorderly conduct is use of offensive language. Words result violate N.J.S.A. 2C:33-2 when they are uttered in a public place with the purpose or recklessly and offend the sensibilities of a hearer because they are  unreasonably loud and offensively coarse or abusive language.

A conviction under 2C:33-2 is a disorderly persons offense when it involve improper behavior. The maximum fines upon conviction include a $1,000 fine and up to six months in the county jail. The violation is a petty disorderly persons offense if it stems from offensive language. The potential fine is reduced in this instance to $500.

Toms River Disorderly Conduct Attorneys

Matt Dorry and the other attorneys at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have defended hundreds and possibly even thousands of disorderly conduct charges over the last few decades. An attorney on our defense team with the skills to escape a criminal record and other penalties is available to help you now at 732-286-6500. Lawyers are ready to provide you with the sound guidance needed in this confusing time.

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