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Toms River NJ Shoplifting Charge

Charged with Shoplifting in Toms River NJ

Toms River is unquestionably the municipality with the highest number of shoplifting cases every year. The town is the home of the largest shopping center in terms of square footage, Ocean County Mall, and stores like Macys, JC Penny, Sears, and Boscovs. Toms River also happens to be the location of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and Superior Court, entities that handle all indictable shoplifting charges of the second degree, third degree and fourth degree. Our Toms River Criminal Firm, Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, is comprised of former prosecutors and experienced defense lawyers who have been appearing within this jurisdiction for literally decades. The members of our staff even include the former prosecutor of the Toms River Municipal Court, Matthew Dorry. If you have been charged with a disorderly persons offense for shoplifting or felony offense for this crime, call us at (732) 286-6500 anytime 24/7 for immediate assistance. The consultation with our Toms River NJ Shoplifting Lawyers is free of charge.

Experienced Toms River Shoplifting Attorneys Are Prepared to Defend You

A conviction for shoplifting in Toms River will have significant ramifications if you are convicted. Beyond the fact that you are subject to penalties that include jail for shoplifting merchandise with even minor value (e.g. less than $200), you will also be left with a criminal record for stealing. This is something that can cause significant difficulties in your life including problems securing employment, a professional license (e.g. nursing, legal, NASD, CPA, etc.) or even a loan. Thankfully, however, our Toms River Shoplifting Attorneys have a track record of averting conviction under N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11. These results are attributable to not only the facts of the cases we handle but also our extensive experience handling shoplifting cases in Toms River. It is in your best interests to contact us as the penalties for shoplifting include:

  • Second Degree Shoplifting. If the value of the merchandise stolen is $75,000 or more, shoplifting is a second degree crime. The penalties for second degree shoplifting include a fine of up to $150,000 and 5-10 years in state prison.

  • Third Degree Shoplifting. Theft of merchandise having a value of at least $500 but less than $75,000 is a third degree crime. Third degree shoplifting results in a fine that can reach $15,000 and up to 5 years of incarceration.

  • Fourth Degree Shoplifting. Fourth degree shoplifting applies where merchandise has a value of at least $200 but less than $500. The fine for fourth degree shoplifting is as high as $7,500 and up to 18 months in jail.

  • Disorderly Persons Offense for Shoplifting. A municipal court shoplifting offense, that is, one that is a disorderly persons offense, applies where the value of the merchandise in question is less than $200. You can be fined up to $1,000 and sentenced to up to 6 months in the Ocean County Jail if convicted of a disorderly persons offense of shoplifting.

In addition to the penalties previously set forth, an individual must perform at least 10 days, 15 days and 25 days of community service respectively for a first offense, second offense or third offense of shoplifting. It is certainly in your best interests to contact our firm given these potential penalties.

Toms River Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

For anyone charged with shoplifting, the time to act is immediately after you are released from custody. The reason why is because that will give you and your attorney the very best opportunity of escaping a guilty finding to the original offense. In many cases, our lawyers are capable of getting a felony shoplifting downgraded and remanded to municipal court if they have the ability to communicate with the county prosecutor before the case is scheduled for a Pre-Indictment Conference. There are other instances where early investigation can likewise yield favor for our clients. The point is that it is always in your best interest to act swiftly and as quickly following an arrest in order to provide our criminal lawyers with every chance of fully preparing and taking advantage of a defense. To speak to Toms River’s former prosecutor, Matthew Dorry or another attorney at the firm, call us at (732) 286-6500. Our Toms River Shoplifting Lawyers welcome your call.

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