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Toms River NJ Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The Former Toms River Prosecutor Is Ready To Defend Your Speeding, Driving While Suspended, No Insurance, Reckless Driving, Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle or Other Motor Vehicle Offense

Toms river is a hotbed for traffic tickets given several of its unique characteristics. The township spans 52.88 square miles and is the 8th most populated municipality in New Jersey. It is also a major traffic artery with roadways like the Garden State Parkway, U.S. Route 9, and N.J. Routes 35, 37 and 70 all running within its borders. All of this leads to almost 15,000 motorist being charged with speeding, driving while suspended, driving without insurance, reckless driving, possession of cds in a motor vehicle and other traffic offenses. If you received a summons or ticket for any motor vehicle violation in Toms River, our attorneys are astutely aware of what is involved in helping you. We are former prosecutors, including Matthew Dorry who has served in Toms River, that have over 100 years of combined experience. The lawyers at our firm routinely appear in the Municipal Court of Toms River on behalf of individuals who have received a traffic ticket of some kind. To speak to an attorney in a free initial consultation, call 732-286-6500.

A traffic violation can result in significant consequences if the ticket is not handled properly. Individuals frequently underestimate the impact of a speeding summons or more serious offense only to discovery that their plea of guilty has mushroomed into surcharges, escalating insurance rates and even a license suspension from the court or New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Every moving violation results in points on your license. Accumulation of points results in surcharges and a revocation of your privileges to drive once you reach twelve (12). The key is to avoid this cycle by escaping the points in the first place. Paying your ticket will accomplish nothing other than to start you in this downward process and subject you to the penalties set forth in the Motor Vehicle Code. These penalties include a mandatory driver's license suspension if you are convicted of possession of cds in a motor vehicle, driving without insurance, leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries and driving while suspended.

Toms River Traffic Violations AttorneysDo not fall into the trap taking your motor vehicle offense too lightly.  The truth is that the attorneys at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall avoid a conviction to most motor vehicle tickets including, but not limited to, careless driving, speeding, improper passing, leaving the scene of an accident and other charges. Contact our Toms River Office by calling 732-286-6500 to speak to a lawyer about how we can help you. The initial consultation is free of charge. Additional Toms River NJ Legal Resources

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