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Berkeley NJ Trespass Defense Lawyers

The lawyers that make up the criminal defense team at Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have the qualifications to successfully defend your criminal trespass offense. We are former county and municipal prosecutors in Ocean County that possess over 100 years of combined experience defending clients charged with trespass in Toms River, Lakewood, Berkeley, Stafford, Brick and other municipalities in the county. A lawyer with the knowledge and skill you need to avoid a record and other consequences that result from a conviction is available immediately by contacting our Toms River Office. An attorney can be reached immediately at (732) 286-6500.

Trespass Charge in Ocean County

The New Jersey Trespass law is contained at N.J.S.A. 2C:18-3 and typically arises as the result of someone entering a building or structure when they know they lack permission to do so. Another way trespass can arise is by peering into a window or opening of a dwelling for the purpose of invading the privacy or reasonable expectations of another person. The chart that follows outlines the grading and penalties for trespass under 2C:18-3.

Grade of Offense

When This Applies



Fourth Degree

(1) Knowingly entering property, without permission, that is a school, the dwelling of another, research facility, power generation facility, waste treatment facility, public sewage facility, water treatment facility, public water facility, nuclear facility, utility company or the sterile area or operational area of an airport.

(2) Knowingly peering into a dwelling, without permission to do so, for the purpose of invading privacy or under circumstances in which a reasonable person in the dwelling or other structure would not expect to be observed.


18 Months

Disorderly Persons Offense

Knowingly entering or surreptitiously remaining in research facility, structure, or separately secured or occupied portion thereof, or in or upon utility company property, or in the sterile area or operational area of an airport.


6 Months

Petty Disorderly Persons Offense

Knowingly entering or remaining on property despite notice against trespass communicated to the accused directly, posting of a trespass warning or sign or the presence of fencing or an enclosure manifesting an intention to exclude intruders.

This variety of violation is referred to as Defiant Trespass.


30 Days

Stafford NJ Trespass Charge Attorneys

Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has extensive experience defending individuals charged with a fourth degree crime, as well as a disorderly persons offense, for trespass. If you had the misfortune of having a trespass charge filed against you in Manchester, Jackson, Point Pleasant, Barnegat, Long Beach or another Ocean County community, our attorneys are equipped to competently defend you. The team of criminal lawyers has over a century of combined experience, including significant time serving as prosecutors. We know what it takes to successfully defend a criminal trespass offense and will do what it takes to insure you have every opportunity to reach the very best outcome of your case. To speak to a lawyer about the facts surrounding your arrest, call (732) 286-6500. An attorney is available immediately to address your questions and to provide the sound guidance you need.

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