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Tuckerton Municipal Court

Tuckerton Criminal Defense LawyersAttorney Matthew Dorry , Esq., Former Prosecutor of Tuckerton is Here to Represent You

The Borough of Tuckerton in Ocean County certainly does not come to mind when you think of criminal charges or even a serious traffic offense. However, it is not usually for over 300 criminal complaints to be issued annually in this 3.8 square mile and 3,347 resident seaport community bordering the New Jersey Pine Barrens. A high volume of moving motor vehicle violations, as many as 2,000, are also filed in the Tuckerton Municipal Court each year. If you were arrested or are otherwise facing a charge in Tuckerton, you need to speak to a qualified defense lawyer. Almost all Tuckerton offenses have the potential to result in penalties that can negatively effect your life and many can even result in a jail sentence. At our firm, Marshall & Bonus, our attorneys include the former municipal prosecutor of Tuckerton, Matthew Dorry, who possess the skills necessary to secure a favorable outcome to your charge. So whether you were stopped on U.S. Route 9, had an incident at the Tuckerton Seaport, or a late night in Atlantic City dragged on into this town, we can help. Matthew or another one of the Tuckerton Criminal Defense Lawyers at the firm is available immediately at (732) 286-6500 to assist you. Initial consultations are free of charge.Tuckerton Municipal Court InformationTuckerton Municipal Court is located at 140 East Main Street, Tuckerton, New Jersey, 08087, and is open for operation weekdays from 9AM to 4PM. The telephone number of the municipal court is 609-296-2036. The Court Administrator, Patricia M. Mathis, CMCA, handles all requests for adjournments and other daily scheduling issues of the court. The court is in session once a month on the first Tuesday at 8:30 AM. Judge Damian G. Murray, JMC, is responsible for all proceedings that take place in Tuckerton Municipal Court. Steven Zabarsky, Esq., serves as the municipal prosecutor.

The municipal court has authority to deal with certain offenses issued within the borders of the borough. The first category of charges capable of being heard in Tuckerton Municipal Court are called disorderly persons offenses. While these are misdemeanors and handled locally, they result in a criminal record and can trigger up to six (6) months in jail. Examples of matters of this nature include simple assault, marijuana possession, harassment, drug paraphernalia, and drinking underage. The second primary variety of violation heard in the Borough of Tuckerton are traffic and motor vehicle tickets. This includes summonses for driving while suspended, reckless driving, operating without insurance, DWI, and possession of CDS in a motor vehicle.

Crimes of the first degree, second degree, third degree, and fourth degree are indictable in nature and fall outside the jurisdiction of Tucketon to handle. Criminal offenses falling within these grades, such as burglary, heroin possession, aggravated assault, prescription drug violations, and illegal weapons. The venue with authority to preside over charges like these is the Ocean County Municipal Court, Toms River NJ.

Common Criminal & Motor Vehicle Charges in TuckertonTuckerton DWI AttorneyMarshall & Bonus is a firm comprised of lawyers who are highly experienced in defending charges in Tuckerton, including driving while intoxicated ("DWI").  We not only possess over a century practicing in the criminal court system but also includes a former prosecutor who has served in Tuckerton Municipal Court. A lawyer with the know how required to insure you have every opportunity to avert a conviction and the penalties for DUI or another Tuckerton offense is available immediately to assist you at 732-286-6500.

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